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Philip Sze

Dear Ying sir,

Sorry that I have to type in English, but I can read your reply email in Chinese. Here is my question.

It is a pity we cannot turn on any digital camera in a plane when it is taking off or landing. Where can I buy a non-digital camera (second hand is also OK) in Hong Kong to take photos of the scenery outside the window of a plane taking off or landing?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Philip, Actually we will be asked for turning off all the electronic devices when the plane is taking off or landing, but even the film camera like Nikon FM2 which with mechanical shutter but electronic meter, so it will be better to check which camera can works without turning on the meter before you buy. there are some 2nd hand camera shops around TST and MK. If you need the addresses, please give me your email.


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